Katakolon is a seaside town in western Ilia, in the area of ​​ancient Pheia. It is the current port of the prefecture’s capital, Pyrgos. Picturesque with a strong traditional flavor, combining mountain and sea. The visitor has many options to fill his free time or to pleasantly spend their vacation. Undoubtedly Katakolon is a place that one needs ample time to explore its beauty and discover the magic of this place, it is not a coincidence that whoever spends some time here, Katakolon is all he has in mind is the return. Justifiably Katakolon is one of the most popular summer destinations.
During the summer months is flooded with thousands of visitors. Hundreds of cruise ships make visits to the area carrying thousands of tourists, who spend part of their holidays here.

At the entrance is dominated by old raisin warehouses which are now restored and they have been converted into cafes and taverns giving a special color to the area.

Nearby is the capital of the prefecture of Ilia, Pyrgos and the Ancient Olympia, the world famous temple of Zeus and the stadium where the Olympic Games in ancient times were held.





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